Ría 24K Fine Jewelry


Ría 24K fine jewelry is on a mission of Designing Artisanal Luxury with a Purpose.


Ría 24K fine jewelry is intentional about the decision to make a positive impact in the world and change lives globally by dropping G.E.M.S., an acronym for Global Evolution in Mining and Sustainability and raise awareness on the environment, the eco-system, human-rights, social-concerns, and financial decency for all workers within the jewelry industry.


Committed to being informed & knowledgeable, raise awareness, and be supportive of artisanal mining, fair trade, fair mining, conflict-free gemstones, sustainability and responsible sourcing practices.

Redefining how sustainable luxury is not just a human experience but also an enriched lifestyle that is like a treasured heirloom passed down through generations.

Together clients and designers can be intentional with their growing knowledge of the process of ethical jewelry making, by contributing, make responsible decisions and be supportive of the ethical jewelry movement.


  • to be able to do philanthropic pursuits by partnering with organizations, community and business leaders to develop & build affordable sustainable luxury homes for underdeveloped Native American, Indigenous & Pan-African communities.
  • My M.U.S.E. is my BIG why to aspire to have a safe community & movement for unhealed women and children of Native American, Indigenous, Pan-African culture.