Welcome to FACETED: Ría 24K Jewelry's Life & Style Journal

Hey Loves!

Welcome to a New Year, a New Month, and our New Life and Style Journal called FACETED.

Just like the cuts of a gemstone, FACETED is all things of aspirational lifestyles, poetic musings, visual inspirations, serendipitous encounters, divine connections, healthy relationships and human experiences. All that have many different sides, aspects, or features. It's the 7 facets of life within the full integration of mental, environment, financial, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing written from a jewelry artist, fellow creative, entrepreneurial or professional perspective.

This is a creative platform designed just for YOU. Inviting you behind-the-bench scenes of a jewelry artist life inside and outside of their design studio; sneak peek developments of the CM Design Group brands; and introduce you into the World of CM (the CM Design Group brands and a tiny peek into my world). My goal is to be intentional, authentic, transparent and yes vulnerable to share my story. My story of life's challenges, my WINS, my growth, and my healing journey as I am Designing My Life of Purpose.

I am excited and look forward to sharing my design process of my vision boards, what inspires me, my muses and how I vibe before giving birth to the ideas that are conceived in my heart. As a jewelry artist, I get to introduce you to the pillars of my 5C Method which is the design standard for craftsmanship, transparency, quality, excellence, raw elegance and organic beauty. 

The creative development of this journal is an extension of my heART and the joy I have doing what I LOVE! FACETED is also an extension of our podcast show, The Bench Social, where we explore, discover and share the "7 Facets of Designing a Life of Purpose, and Living a Life of Victory." 

So there will also be posts to introduce you to those we call our "24K GOAL Diggers," and those we've had SIP 'n' CHAT conversations on The Bench Social podcast -- how both are Designing Their Life of Purpose!"

My greater vision is establish partnerships & alliances in my philanthropic pursuits to develop, build and generate new legacies for women, youth and children of the Native American, Pan-African and Indigenous cultures.

FACETED, is all things exciting in the city streets of style, design, art, music, culture and the importance of not only creating beauty from the earths elements & natures imperfections but also being intentional about spiritual growth & nourishment; harmony & balance; having compassion & empathy; and always seeking the beauty within our lives amidst the chaos in this multifaceted world. 

The Ría 24K team is excited about the 2022 Premiere release of FACETED, our life and style journal. Where everyone will be Nourished, Enlightened, Inspired, Motivated, and Informed.

Enjoy the Creative Vibes & Spread the Love!!





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